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  Updates, Player Aides and General Information
 -General Files
   Terms and Conditions
   1975 Roberts Awards
  1978 Roberts Awards
   1999 Roberts Awards
   2011 Roberts Awards
   1979 Premier Rules
   La Bataille Rules History - Cavalry Summary
Assaut a Melee Original
    Melee Combat 2012
    Combat a la Feu Original
    Fire Combat 2012
Artillery Ammunition?
    Musketry and Volley Fire
   Coalition Rules Cover for 11.11.1
    Premier Rules August 2017
    Debunking War and Peace
    Napoleon Quiz - I scored a 100% (DS)

   La Bataille d'Austerlitz
   La Bataille de Schoengrabern 1805 - See Recession Series

   La Bataille pour las Prusse 1806 Press Release

After Action Report Halle 1806
Duel in the Desert II - Consim 2012
    Russian Tactics
    Friedland - Scenario #7 - The Trail to Tilst
    Friedland - Un Matrice de Calcul de la Vitoire
    Friedland und Danzig 1807 Erklaerungen Jan 2016
    Friedland - French Morale  Level Chart
    Friedland - Russian Morale Level Chart

La Bataille de Raszyn 1809 - see Wargame  Vault
    La Bataille de Deutsch-Wagram
    La Bataille d' Aspern-Essling 1809 Press Release

   1975 Martial Moscowa Rules
    LBM GDW Rules = from John Mundie - Slow    Download
    LBM 2011 Consim Move Left
LBM 2001 Vth Corps Entry and Other Thoughts
    Duel Dans Le Desert - Consim 2011

The Prussian Army
  The Austrian Army
  The Austrian Army Part II
  General Bertrand
  MdF Marmont



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