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Summer of 2016

 Citizens!  and the other Despots who oppose the revolution;

 The Household is deep into development of the next title La Bataille d’Austerlitz 1805.  At this point we have a lot of playtesting going on across the country and good information is being assembled by all concerned.

 One of the immediate challenges has been actual map scale.   As most of you are fully aware the system beginning with, Borodino in 1975, has used a base 100 yards per hex scale.  Of course prior to the advent of GPS and Google Earth map scales were always a little dicey.

 Eposito’s West Point Atlas of the Napoleonic Wars is a prime example.    I discovered vast discrepancies during the development of Friedland, when comparing his map with distances on google earth.   So up until 2005 nobody outside of the CIA had ever heard of the concept of a internet based large scale world globe of photographs.

 Needless to say any of the Battle published prior to 2005 have map scale errors, or anomalies.    For the most part these do not effect play of a Grand Tactical type such as this.    So in 1980 when we published the Austerlitz game, we used a scale of 140 meters per hex, to allow the game to be played on a smaller table, additionally there were other aspects related to the French Battalion organization which made the size appropriate as well.

 So here we are in the new age of cartography and a game system that for all practical purposes has had a scale that has been pretty free form.   So prior to  Lutzen, no body really knows, and I don’t think cares.   La Bataille d’Austerlitz 1805 will have a scale of 100 meters per hex for the published version.  This will create a battle surface of 48 x 96 inches for the Historical Scenario.   Of course there will be many single map or small 2 map scenarios for the enjoyment of all players.

 At the Tempe Duel in the Desert this year the group will  be playing Austerlitz and we will see if the scale effects play.   Last year the 1815 game saw a slightly different style of play where the players were more cognizant of the their flanks and depths of formation.  Considering the 155,000 troops on the field this battle is one of the least dense of the period after 1800.  Where about 10,000 troops per square foot of map area are engaged.

This compares to Leipzig where 15,000 troops per square foot of map area are engaged.

 We are all looking forward to another great battle, and we will keep you up to date on developments between now and the October publication date.

 Bon Chance mes Amis.  Fate favors the brave, resourceful and audacious!

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