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La Bataille de Schoengrabern 1805

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Schoengrabern Maps

Schoengrabern Counters
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Schoengrabern Charts
Passage of Time
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Schoengrabern Rules
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 La Bataille d' Halle -1806

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Halle Maps
   Map 1 (West) 11" x 17"
   Map 2 (Center) 11' x 17'
   Map 3 (East) 11" x 17"
Halle Counters
   French Front / l'avant
   French Backs / en arriere
   Prussian Front / vor
   Prussian Backs / hinter

Halle Charts
   Carre / Quadrant Realization
   Fire Effects
   Melee / Kampf
   Terrain Effects

Halle Rules
   Special Rules 2016
   Rules Cover Page

See Rules and Charts for common game files

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